Seed saving – Zucchini

Image2 huge marrows have been adorning our front porch all winter – I am not quite sure why we left them there so long but I think hubby thought they looked ornamental alongside a weird pumpkin. The outside were very tough to cut but the insides rich with colour and fiber and lots of plump seeds.

These are Cocobelle, a heirloom variety. We bought 10 seeds a few years back and have been doing our own ever since. My husband would normally smash these but as I generally have to clean up the mess I cut them….and quite a few of the seeds!


Left to dry for a week in a cool, dry spot these will be ready for planting and enough seeds for potting up for others and storing.



5 thoughts on “Seed saving – Zucchini

    • Yes it is 🙂 This is pretty basic stuff but I like to put things in for beginners at gardening.
      These are wonderful, not at all watery and keep their shape when cooked. We really enjoy them and haven’t grown the green or yellow since we discovered this variety.


  1. I’ve bought tromboncino this year, also for the taste fator (not to mention they look wonderfully weird 😉 ) and I will be seed saving too. I tried last year but cut the thing in half and through sheer bad luck I sliced every seed. 😦 Mind you, my zukes were much smaller than your whopper marrow. 🙂


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