Home, after an earthquake today

Another big quake hit this afternoon 5 km from home – 6.6 and lots of aftershocks. Luckily no structural damage we can see yet, except the fireplace is not safe to use.

This, just a couple of rooms.


I was home on my own and Roger arrived 30 minutes later. a neighbour came to check on me and took me to their place then we spent 2 hours on the front lawn, it felt safer. Two power poles needed work in the street and power was back on in 3.5 hours, those are brave men who climb lamp posts during earthquakes so others can have their power back!!

Not fun.

This photo shows the last 1000 (yep, thousand) earthquakes in the past month or so in our area 5 – 15 km from here



24 thoughts on “Home, after an earthquake today

  1. So glad your all ok! I’ve been listening to the news throughout the day to try and get more info about it. Jason and I want to come visit New Zealand before it earthquakes itself into smaller islands!!!!!!


  2. Oh no, not more quakes. Here’s hoping the Land of the Long White Cloud decides to stop a shaking itself to pieces and soon!
    I will however say that, despite its brand new and unappreciated positioning on the floor, I am loving your vintage kitchenalia. Lovely enamelware and I remember using a sifter like that as a child too. πŸ™‚ I do hope nothing is actually broken and the rest of your preserves have made it safely through.
    Glad you’re unharmed too.


  3. Sorry to hear of this, earthquakes are so scary, and most of the time, there was no warning. I was in California when the Northridge earthquake struck. I thought I was going to faint out of fear. Looks like you have a lot to clean up. Will be thinking of you and hoping there won’t be anymore after shocks.


    • Thank you. Yep they are terrifying aren’t they? I couldn’t stop shaking for hours, felt sick, cold. I do hope they settle down soon….I just added a chart showing the last thousand in the past month since the first big one, so I am not hopeful 😦


    • Hi Lois. There are 11 houses in our wee street and 3 have been red taped, people can’t go back in just yet. I am SO grateful that ours has not had such a hard time, except we realised today our hot water cylinder is leaking through to downstairs so need a new one. I didn’t sleep last night so hopefully tonight.


      • I have been thinking about you. I’m glad to hear that’s all the damage you sustained. I know that sounds bad, I mean it in the nicest possible way. I can’t believe how many earthquakes you have been having lately. It would be very hard for me to sleep through that much activity. I hope you do find a good nights sleep soon.


      • Hi Lois, thanks for that. we have actually had over 3000 in the past 6 weeks and no we haven’t been sleeping well, both feeling pretty frazzled. And I do know what you mean, we are just so fortunate to have a strong timber house, we know three families in old homesteads who have lost their homes, one was sitting directly on a faultline. We are VERY lucky indeed, it’s scary but we will come through fine. Thanks for thinking of us x


  4. Totally sympathise with where you’re at at the moment. No sleep and subconsciously waiting all the time for the next one. Your brain all scrambled and your heart pounding with every tremor.
    It does get better, but unfortunately you’ve just got to wait it out 😦
    Hope there’s no more big ones for you and things start to settle down soon.
    – Astrid from Christchurch.


    • Yes 😦 That’s exactly how it feels and yes, we just have to wait it out and hope for the best. I am so glad I don’t have little ones I have to send off to daycare, school etc.
      We have alot of family in Chch so know what you guys went through, at least we are built on solid ground in Seddon – I just can’t imagine going through liquefaction as well. Thanks Astrid πŸ™‚


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