Self Reliant vs Self-Sufficiency is an adventure

Some interesting thoughts here on self reliance / self sufficiency from a very nice new blog.

Palm Rae Urban Potager-A Modern Day Kitchen Garden where Organic Living is our daily goal

Last night I was reading  an article titled,

Self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and freedom 

by Phillip Brewer

at  WiseBread

I felt as if  he answered one of the questions I have been struggling with for the past 5 yrs. I read a lot of blogs about people who are finding some acreage, urban homestead, growing own food, edible front yards, back to the basics and ponder how do they do it all! Me pics # 22 031

A few years ago, when my youngest child was in high school, I decided to dedicate more time to “growing food” on our city lot. I started reading everything available on how to produce more food in small spaces. Due to time restraints in the past, I never was able to devote much time to growing food. I always had a small kitchen garden but never as much as I wanted to due to busy schedules until a few events…

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