Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom and Spinach Penne

This is an easy recipe to cook, takes 15 minutes and has a creamy garlic sauce.


As always, apologies for the photo quality!!

This recipe is for two meals.

3 boneless chicken thighs (or breast meat) sliced

3 rashers of bacon

1 – 2 cups sliced button mushrooms, to taste

baby spinach, to taste

3 – 4 cloves garlic

1 tin of evaporated milk

around 3 cups cooked penne


1/2 tsp salt, good sprinkle black pepper

Put the penne on to cook in boiling, salted water.

Saute the chopped chicken meat, bacon, garlic and mushrooms in oil till cooked and turning golden.

Pout the evaporated milk over, season with salt, pepper and parsley and simmer very gently until pasta is cooked.

Tip in pasta and spinach, and bring back to simmering. Done.

This meal generally follows a stir fry or curry for us so I can make 1 packet of chicken do two meals. I keep small packets of bacon in the freezer for use in odd meals when needed (it’s terribly expensive here!) Spinach from the garden, mushrooms are always in the fridge.

Generally our meals revolve around what’s in the garden, what’s on special…sometimes you just want something different but being on a tight budget it takes some planning – do others plan their meals like this?

5 thoughts on “Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom and Spinach Penne

  1. This looks like something that Steve would like. He is out in the frozen tundras of Sidmouth attempting to take an image of the Aurora Australis. That’s the 4th night in a row. He got VERY excited the other day and swore that he had managed to capture it before he realised that it was, in fact, the dillston footy club mid-weed team practice…oh well, back to the drawing board! ;).


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