Gardeners in Southern Hemisphere ~ Preparing Your Vegetable Garden for Winter

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One thing that most gardeners will agree upon is that it’s worth the effort to clean out all the old annual plants. Some of the vines and climbing plants will die on their own and can be hauled to the compost by now. Others like tomatoes will wait for a hard frost to die. I’m in no rush to clean out crops if I can still get some green tomatoes or a sweet pepper or two. However, when the season is over, cleaning out the dead plants prevents the build-up of disease and harmful insects. The heat of composting will kill them.

The dead plants and weeds that you clean out from your garden in the autumn become valuable additions to your compost. Don’t worry about knocking all the soil off the roots. Soil contains microbes that will boost the decomposition of your compost. The compost recipe is “two-parts brown…

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3 thoughts on “Gardeners in Southern Hemisphere ~ Preparing Your Vegetable Garden for Winter

    • We can grow quite a bit in the top garden which gets more sun, and thankfully now a glasshouse.
      I thought the name Old Fart was a rather this part of the world phrase. We’re so quaint and proper ‘down under’ lol


      • lol 🙂

        good am glad you can continue growing, i have put a new bed on west side 12 x 4 that i hopefully can make into hoop house or at least cold frame before winter this year. it would really help a lot


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