These still need some finishing but….

…this is what I have been doing today (I paint  when I can get the courage lol) These are the first paintings I have done in 17 years and have taken months to get back to – I wanted to show Linne  🙂 They still need a bit more work but getting there.

This is a picture of a vase of flowers in the lounge and I have struggled with the flowers but will keep on:Image

This is a picture copied off the net:


And I have been doing pictures to send my granddaughter in the mail each week, this is this weeks 🙂





19 thoughts on “These still need some finishing but….

    • Well, I think a few are born with exceptional ability; most people just create, and create more and then keep it up . . . and then people come along and say, ‘oh, you’re so talented; I could never do that!’. I’ve seen people go from drawing faces that looked like smileys to doing very professional quality work in 12 weeks, using a book called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. It’s amazing! What she says is if you can write your name, you can draw; what you need to learn is how to see! And then she teaches you. I took a design course aeons ago and the teacher built one of the lessons on that book. I still have the drawing of my hand that I did that day; I love it! And even though my husband at the time taught courses based on the book, even created a tv show that was very popular and re-run many times on our local channel, I honestly never thought I could do anything that good, so I didn’t try. But I haven’t stuck to the lessons, as all these other things kept happening . . . however, I do plan to go back and complete the course.

      So my advice is; just do it! and keep on doing it! There’s another book, called Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender (who also wrote Plain and Simple; see more here:

      She tells of creating a project where the class was asked to choose a simple household object, then paint, draw, photograph it (whatever media, but stick to the one) 100 times. They could move it, put it in relation to various objects, etc. The point was that by the time they had done 100 works, at least some of them would be professional quality. It’s a great concept. She herself photographed a simple bowl for her own project. Well worth reading about.

      Hope that encourages you . . . ~ Linne


      • Hi Linne 🙂 I read that first book years ago and should read it again now. The second sounds very good and that’s actually really good advice about doing the same thing 100 times.
        I will keep it up, I just get ‘performance anxiety’ I think lol. Thanks for that 🙂


      • I really loved both of Sue’s books and found a lot of insightful and useful material in each of them. Hope you like them too. ~ Linne


  1. Wendy, I like those, especially the flowers. But the hen drawing is so charming, too! I could see a children’s book in that style! Keep on going, girl . . . ~ Linne


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