Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar (From Scraps)

After bottling a pile of apples last month I decided rather than put the scraps into the compost I would try making vinegar with them first. I feared it had not turned out correctly as it is pale in colour rather than golden but after researching have found this is typical for homemade. It smells and taste like cider vinegar.

This should be made in large glass or crockery jars, I had to use large 2 stainless steel preserving pans.

I got the instructions from here and it goes into more detail than I am doing here. http://thehealthyeatingsite.com/apple-cider-vinegar-recipe/

Basically you put the scraps into the vessels and leave to air for 3 or 4 days, covered with muslin or cheesecloth to keep out foreign bacteria and insects etc. The cloth has to be one that will allow fruit to breath and collect yeasts from the environment. Toss the fruit daily.

Once it has turned brown cover in water and cover with cloth again. Stir the fruit daily for a month or so, until the liquid is of the strength you desire. Mine took 5 – 6 weeks. Strain into glass bottles and store in a dark place. Very simple, the hardest part is straining it which is  time consuming if doing a large batch.

The vinegar will grow a “mother”, a thick jellyish substance that is perfectly normal and can be reused if making more vinegar.


Apparently this can be filtered through coffee filters to improve the clarity however I am ok with it like this and not about to rush out and buy coffee filters for it.

This can be used for all other uses other than preserving apparently as one cannot guarantee the strength etc needed for preservation.

For other types of fruit scrap vinegars go here: http://rockfarmer.me/2012/10/05/its-fruit-scrap-vinegar-season/, she has some lovely looking ones I have yet to try 🙂


10 thoughts on “Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar (From Scraps)

  1. We ended up with a house FULL of vinegar flies when we made “cider” (that went too far and turned into vinegar). I only mention them because they disappeared but reappear whenever Steve has wine or I make something sour! I don’t know where they hide in between sessions but they must hibernate to be woken by that lovely sour smell of lactic acid doing its thang…


    • We get fruit flies in the kitchen if I leave fruit hanging around, I often wonder where they are when there’s no fruit too lol. When we first started our wine we got some but didn’t with this for some reason.


      • These aren’t fruit flies, we don’t have them here in Tassie (much like you don’t get snakes 😉 ), they are teeny tiny vinegar flies that specifically adore ferments. I have one sitting on top of my non-dairy kefir most hours of the day…teeny tiny equals teeny tiny brains 😉


      • We have both and in our first year here we found a huge tiger snake on the back doorstep after wondering what the dog had it’s nose on! We are a LOT more careful about putting anything in our back yard area now for snakes to hide in!


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