Fergus the Forager ~ Great Link :)

Living on foraged food……I have been meaning to find a site for more info on foraged food and this guy has it all. Thanks Aunty Dogma 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Fergus the Forager ~ Great Link :)

  1. You gotta love foragers :). It’s just a pity that we Aussies would starve to death if we had to rely on our own foragable foodstuffs (especially we vegans 😉 )


    • Yep, we’re a bit the same here but I would like to learn more, free apples, blackberries and mushrooms and the odd weed has been my very limited experience – anything free is good, unless it’s bin hopping lol. Mind you, I did meet a guy who lived only from bins behind supermarkets and bakeries and he was a specimen of great health. He offered me a piece of chocolate made from a huge slab melted down and mixed with dried fruit and nuts (outdated) – first time I have ever turned down chocolate!!


      • I would have eaten it…”road chocolate” ;). My son has a saying that “things aren’t tough till you have to take advantage of road clothes” meaning the socks, old undies etc. that people throw out of their cars ;). I agree but chocolate? Surely the 30 second rule doesn’t run to chocolate? That’s got natural enzymes that protect and repel the harmful bugs (that is my equivalent of putting my fingers in my ears and singing loudly so I can’t hear you telling me it is bad 😉 )


  2. Here’s another forager linkie for you. The best bit (for me at least) is that he’s about 30 minutes away from me and one day I will go and learn about picking mushies and weeds and all things good from him. One day… http://permapoesis.blogspot.com.au
    I’m following your suggestion too. And I would quite possibly have tried the chocolate once upon a time. Nowadays I avoid chocolate (well the sugar in it really) so I would turn it down on those grounds.


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