Potato, Cheese and Onion Pie



60g butter, plus extra for greasing
2 onions, finely sliced
1.8kg potatoes, such as nicola or dutch cream, skins left on and finely sliced
120g grated tasty cheese
1 bunch sage, leaves picked
green salad to serve


Heat butter in a frypan over a medium heat and fry onion until it becomes soft and translucent. Preheat oven to 200°C. Lightly grease an 18cm x 7cm springform tin and press an overlapping layer of potato slices around sides. Next, create a layer of concentric rings of overlapping discs to cover base. Spread a little onion and cheese across base, season with sea salt and ground black pepper, then dot with 4 sage leaves. Cover this layer with potato, and continue alternating potato and cheese, onion and sage layers until you reach top of the springform tin. Brush pie with butter, place on a baking tray, and loosely cover with foil. Bake for 1½ hours, then remove foil and bake for 30 minutes or until potato is crisp. Remove and allow to cool a little. Cut into generous slices and serve with a green salad. http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/marie-claire/lifestyle/recipes/recipe/-/7143464/cheese-onion-and-potato-pie/

I made this last night and am using their photo as it looks nicer than mine lol. I only wanted a small one and didn’t have a springform pan small enough so made mine in an enamel pie dish and it didn’t survive being turned upside down 🙂 I didn’t use sage but sauteed 3 cloves of garlic (chopped) with the onion. This was delicious – should have made a big one!



17 thoughts on “Potato, Cheese and Onion Pie

  1. YUM! Steve just walked past this page and said “I would eat that!” I adore spuds. They were my single most consumed food in all of their glorious forms before I stopped eating them. They are my Crack Cocaine and I had to do something to stop myself from starting to resemble the food I was eating so much of :(. It’s not all bad though…I get to live vicariously through gorgeous food porn on pages like this! I also get to make them for Steve and there aren’t a lot of calories in a sniff (are there?! 😉 ). I just pinched this recipe as Steve wants it for tea tomorrow night…


    • Oh good 🙂 It’s verrry nice. I’m a bit picky with potatoes, get bored with them but like them baked and in with other things. I love cheese with potatoes, yum. It must be hard to cook food you like and not eat it yourself. I was vegetarian 11 years and raw vegan for 6 months…have problems with anemia so it didn’t really suit me.


      • I am the same with anaemia. I had to have an iron transfusion back in the day when I was a bit exercise dysmorphic. I walk the dogs for about 5km with Steve every day so consider that and farm work as my exercise now. I am rapidly approaching 50 and am STILL learning about what to eat to get what I need on a vegan diet even though I have been a vegan for about 17 years now. I think I am a bit bolshie when it comes to food and couple that with my lazy desire to stuff everything into boxes and you end up with a woman who cooks the same thing day in and out whenever she can to limit the work and choices and thus my potato fetish ;). I eat a LOT better now. I guess 50 is a bit of a wake-up call perchance. I dabble in raw but won’t do it full time. I like hot food and don’t see anything wrong with the odd bowl of soup or stirfry. Each to their own I say and that goes for Omni’s to. Steve will eat some vegetarian and vegan foods but I would never tell him he had to become vego or vegan. That’s entirely HIS choice. It is certainly a whole lot cheaper to have a wife who is vegan…I am a cheap date 😉


      • Yeah, getting older is a wake-up call 🙂 I just eat whatever I wish now but appreciate the need for my diet to be healthy, don’t have much of a sweet tooth really – a cake can last a week without me even contemplating a piece. Like chocolate though!
        I have put on alot of weight since getting fibro, my cholesterol on the high side as is my blood pressure – this after years of being vego. In contrast Roger has always eaten alot of animal fat, meat, butter and salt on everything…anything he wanted. He has the lowest cholesterol and blood pressure his doctor has seen on someone his age, and he’s got tons of energy. Different strokes….!


      • Theres being vego and being vego…I managed to get to 110kg as a vego. Not hard, cheese, butter, potatoes, cream and a huge appetite and you end up not being able to fit through a door. I adore savoury food and like you, could care less about the sweet stuff. I decided that I wasn’t going to die a fat vegetarian and looked into it a bit. You can be almost as fat a vegan as you can a fat vegetarian and it doesn’t take much effort ;). Oil is vegan, nuts are vegan, avocados are vegan and many vegans tend to think of grains and starches whenever they think of food. I have learned (this year) to not rely so much on grain starch (pasta, bread etc.) for my calories. I eat whole grains occasionally but tend to stick with legumes and veggies now as I get a hit of protein whilst not suffering the problems that come with too much white starch. I lost 25kg since January by simply giving up eating my favourite food…spuds, and bread. I also don’t eat sugar any more. I subbed homemade date paste for the sugar, lots of beans and lentils for the bread and spuds and I eat pumpkin and sweet potato like they are going out of fashion. I have tonnes of energy and haven’t been this happy in years. I think if you are going to go out on a limb with your diet, you have to make sure that you are doing the right thing for YOUR body. Every single one of us is different. I think you have to first know what you need to be getting to keep yourself healthy (the basic stuff) and then experiment with what you like to eat and what your own peculiar needs are. Steve can eat tonnes of food. He is one of those lucky sods who never puts weight on (unless he drinks a lot where he gets a small belly but he is off the booze so its not a problem now). He has a different body shape to me. I naturally run to seed, he doesn’t. I made a gorgeous chocolate icecream for Steve and he still has most of it left! He takes moderation to a new level. I would have eaten it before it set 😉 I guess there might be a hint as to why I was such a rotund narf7 right there 😉


      • Yeah agree. My diet is what I have found works best for me, how I feel my best on. And yeah Roger can be like Steve, he can eat anything but also not prone to temptation just because something is there. I couldn’t have chocolate sitting in the fridge for a week but Roger could just take a couple of squares a day and be happy with that. He loves the baking but I don’t really eat it. I’ll eat porridge or muesli, or brown rice but generally that’s the only cereals – not a bread person really, occasionally get a craving for pasta. Love pastry but don’t need the calories and it’s empty for anything but yum value 🙂


      • We sound like kindred folk ;). I must admit, I have more energy now (almost 50) than I had when I was 25, but I did have 2 kids by that stage (and another one in the immediate future) and that makes ANYONE tired ;). Steve loves my baking but like Roger can leave a bar of chocolate and eke it out for a month! I would just eat the bar when I got it home…bollocks to that…I would eat it in the car while I was driving home! ;). The curious thing is that I might be impatient with my food, but I have a whole lot more patience with “life” in general than Steve has in his little finger. I think he has negative patience if that is possible…is Roger the same? I think its a “man” thing 😉


      • Yeah, I start chocolate in the car too lol. I don’t have a huge amount of energy, certainly nowhere as much as I used too unfortunately.
        Roger is a funny one – he has an infinite amount of patience with those he loves (which is just as well!!), he can work at something forever if he puts his mind to something…but he has no patience for “dickheads” which is a problem because this seems to apply to half of the population for him lol. In many ways he puts me to shame, in others I despair lol.


      • Ditto! I think we married long lost brothers! Steve can’t stand “Mamils”. (Middle aged men in lycra) that seem to be particularly prolific around our local area. They are EVERYWHERE and he has no patience at all to be idling in the car behind 20 of them all doing 5km/hour for hours. The trouble with our roads are they are all windy and although they might be particularly lovely roads to cycle on, when you are all 4 abrest and point blank REFUSE to share with cars you most certainly don’t deserve any title less than “Prime mamil dickhead” 😉 My energy has only come since I stopped living on potatoes alone (lazy but tasty 😉 ) and started eating lots of veggies and beans and lentils etc. No doubt I was close to an anaemic collapse but eating lots of vitamin C, beans, home grown spinach and veggies seems to have done the trick. I also use lots of dates in paste and as my chief sweetener now and they are very high in iron. I make kefir out of my homemade soymilk that I use date paste to sweeten (and lure the kefir not to turn up it’s toes…those little buggers LOVE a good sugary fest 😉 ). I think I accidentally eat better than I have in years ;). Can’t say I mind having energy although don’t come to visit me after about 7pm as I will be fast asleep on the couch 😉


      • Lol…yes, they sound very similar!

        I have fibromyalgia and have tried all sorts diet wise to help it to little avail. I eat alot of dates too, they are my sweet treat usually, a healthy snack….and cheap to buy. I am going to make date sugar to try, when I remember to buy extra!
        I have just made fig and walnut paste, it’s not ready yet but I keep tearing bits off it, pretty yummy 🙂


      • YUM! Figs are my favourites. The only reason I use dates is that they are cheaper than dried figs. I have 4 fig trees growing from cuttings that one day are going to have to work double time to feed this little black duck whilst providing enough to dry for later use…might have to grow 4 more methinks! ;). I just checked out Fibromyalgia and it sounds like something that you would hobble a mile not to have :(. Sorry you are stricken. My natural desire to “help” has me wanting to make all kinds of dietary suggestions but I dare say you know your own illness and yourself a heck of a lot better than me. Nothing like someone trying to help when they are actually making things worse is there? ;). Here’s a hug from Tassie. Middle age sucks at the best of times without having to suffer lifes added incentives. At least you have kept your sense of humour! Therein lies an easement of it’s own :).


      • We have one fig tree and it provides a ton of fruit. I would like one other but no room for it. I would’ve liked a Turkish Brown because they dry yummy but I do love what we have.
        Yeah, fibro is pretty yuck but could be alot worse things to get. After 12 years of it and a belief diet would cure it believe me I have tried everything. But I am definately better this year than other cold seasons of the past so what I am doing now seems to be at least helping…along with other lifestyle things eg finishing a stressful job, yoga etc
        Yep, got a good sense of humour, that is intact lol. Thanks for the hug 🙂


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