13 Simple Ways to Eat Your Yard and Build Food Security

A good article with some good tips.

Survival Sherpa

by Todd Walker

In the March Against Monsanto, millions of people peacefully took to the streets in protest over our unhealthy (being kind here) Industrial Food Machine operated by the little man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. The switches, pulleys, and levers are connected to BigFarma, BigPharma, corrupt politicians, main stream media, and our protected predator class.

Monsanto’s ‘man’ behind the curtain is busy pulling levers that rabidly promote the un-scientific fact that eating GMO’s has little ill effect on human health. What they’re really trying to say is you can pick up a turd by the clean end. Crass but true.

Genetically Modified Organisms should be avoided at all costs. But how can you ensure a safe food supply for your family? You don’t have 40 acres and a mule. You live in a neighborhood with quarter acre lots. You may have never grown a garden in…

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8 thoughts on “13 Simple Ways to Eat Your Yard and Build Food Security

  1. Great blog you have! I found you from Pinterest. Thanks so much for sharing the article with your readers! I thought of your blog name when I mentioned only having a quarter acre to grow on 🙂

    Doing the stuff,


    • Thank you 🙂 I like yours too, some good stuff on there. That’s funny lol – other’s have lifestyle blocks so I thought I would call mine a quarter acre one, seemed logical…however I have thought of better ones now I’m stuck with it 🙂 Thanks for follow on Facebook byw, you might see some of your articles on there if that’s ok? Wendy


  2. You are on Pinterest? Pinterest is my new addiction (as of yesterday and I already have almost 400 pages to follow 😉 ). Pray tell where a body might find where to follow you? Love the idea of eating your yard although there are parts of my yard that I wouldn’t go NEAR thanks to the dogs being somewhat partial to them if you get my drift 😉


    • Lol, I have no idea how he found me on Pinterest. I uploaded a couple of things…so no I don’t have a page. Have a personal one 🙂 I love Pinterest. Yeah, I know what you mean we have 3 dogs at the moment ….:)


      • On Sunday I could have cared less about Pinterest. I had an account (call it the need to “belong” to something that makes you wait till you are accepted… what a CLEVER marketing ploy?! 😉 ) for about 9 months and never looked at it. On Sunday I professed to dislike Pinterest and thought that people who used it were “lame” and “sad”. Steve left me alone on Monday for half a day while he went shopping in Launceston and by the time he got back I was totally and utterly addicted! It’s like heroin! 😉


  3. LyndaD says:

    Loving the food towers – researching right now. I have a factory full of tradies – (imagine evil witch laugh). Though i have been waiting a while now for my potting bench and seedling racks. Blast that incoming work that gets prioritied (by me – LOL).


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