Choose Love

A beautiful post from Live. Learn. Love. Eat… who has a lovely blog by the way!

Live. Learn. Love. Eat.

Sometimes I find myself questioning things in my life. Things that I chose to do that are not of the norm, like being vegan, homeschooling and living simply, among others. I find myself questioning myself when it seems that no one else around me really cares about these things or that the people who chose a different path seem to be happy with what they are doing. So I ask myself why can’t I? Why can’t I just forget about these things that I do and try and just be normal? Why is it that I can’t simply send my kids to school with ham sandwiches, while I go to work to earn money to spend on stuff that temporarily gives me a tingling of satisfaction that I confuse with happiness?

Yes, I have low times and times of question in my life, like any other human being. I sometimes…

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