Solar dehydrator from an old fridge

Solar dehydrator from an old fridge

I love this idea!


7 thoughts on “Solar dehydrator from an old fridge

  1. I have one in storage that was meant to be a salmon smoker (or any fish, I guess). It’s made of plywood, stands about 5 feet tall, has seven shelves and works on a single light bulb. If I fill the shelves with slices of apple, I end up with a gallon of dried apple bits. Very yummy!

    I’d like to know how this one was constructed and more about the solar powered bit, if you have time to share . . . ~ Linne


    • I have no idea Linne, it’s just one I saw on my internet wanders but I just love it. I showed my husband and he wants to make one so I need to find out more about it…and can share 🙂
      We had been thinking to try something similar to yours, sounds great 🙂


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