A perfect autumn day

A perfect autumn day

The town in which we live – Marlborough, New Zealand. Soon the hills / mountains will be covered in snow but for now it’s just a beautiful day in paradise 🙂


2 thoughts on “A perfect autumn day

  1. A gorgeous picture . . . and I have to ask: are you anywhere near where the Hobbit and LOTR were filmed? I have looked at those landscapes so often; they remind me of British Columbia, where I’m from (and where I will return one day). Your picture reminds me of areas around Enderby, Chase, Salmon Arm; I lived in all of those at one time or another, but years ago and I’m sure it doesn’t look so much like that now. ~ Linne


    • Hi Linne. No, we are in the South Island though some areas further down were used in the film. I know very little about British Columbia but if it looks like this it will be beautiful 🙂 I always think Scotland looks very beautiful and quite like New Zealand. Wendy


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