What people eat in different countries around the world.

What people eat in different countries around the world.

Seeing it like this puts our grocery buying habits in “developed” countries into perspective doesn’t it?! Much of our diet could be grown in our own back yards as done in other countries, or bought at local markets. Some of these pictures are just plain scary, don’t you think?! From the book What the World Eats by Peter Menzel (thank you to the person who supplied the source of these photos 🙂 )

21 thoughts on “What people eat in different countries around the world.

  1. Well worth thinking about! and you’re right, of course, most of us could grow most of our food in our backyard. We need to rewrite the city laws in the so-called ‘developed’ countries to allow for raising veggies in back AND front of our houses and to allow for chickens and maybe a goat per family. Or perhaps we could look at co-op growing; share a few goats or cows; share the cost, the work and the milk. We need to start thinking like villagers again.

    I’m re-blogging this; most of my readers will appreciate it. ~ Linne


    • Yep, totally agree. We are so fortunate here but there has been talk of passing laws that prevent private sale of fruit and vegetables, or the giving away of. But, we can grow whatever we like in our front yards and raise chooks etc. Yeah, we need to start think like villagers again, I believe co-ops are a great idea.


    • I would think so. I thought they also looked healthier and are not underweight. Goes to show how much food we consume over what is needed for health. Hubby and I were talking about this a few weeks back when I bought some old china, a few old dinner plates. They were way smaller than what we use now.


      • I had a chat with a friend a while back and he mentioned the foods of the world pictures. He and his family experimented eating a diet on a few $ a day, meals more like those eaten by those in the Chad photo. He said they had more energy, less body waste and were surprisingly healthy. They’re healthy eaters anyway but the experiment for a week (or was it longer?) was fascinating.
        Yes, plates, along with many other things have all got bigger hey. Bigger houses, bigger plates, bigger tv’s, bigger grocery bills and bigger waistlines. I am a fan of bigger tea cups though I must admit. 😉


      • Bigger bills, debt and stress!! Have to agree with you on the cups, a dainty wee teacup just doesn’t do it ay, I remember my parents using them when I was little but they would sit over the teapot and keep refilling their cups 🙂
        Interesting experiment by your friend…we have certainly cut alot of things out of our diets and shopping lists as being totally unnecessary for survival or good health – not sure I could do that minimal a diet though, voluntarily 🙂


      • Nor could I but they’re a quirky family and love these sorts of experiments. I love my flavours and foods too much BUT I will experiment with a meal like this on occasion. 🙂


  2. Scary doesn’t seem strong enough a word for how some countries eat, mine appearing to be the worst. Some of the pictures had me salivating, Guatemala, Italy, even Bhutan the food drew me in. The food of the US didn’t do a thing to my senses as nothing registered as real food when viewing it in pictures


    • Hi there 🙂 Japan was one that surprised me most, EVERYTHING is in packets….how countries feed their masses I guess! The Western ones very uninspiring and yucky really. Turkey looked the nicest to me, and the countries you mentioned – good traditional, unadulterated food just looks so much more inviting to me….I can just taste all the spices and combinations 🙂


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