Growing herbal teas


I love my hot drinks so it seemed a natural extension of what we do with our food to grow my own herbals teas. I was paying $3 – $4 a packet for them, they are now off the shopping list. I haven’t experimented with any blends as yet but would like to in the future. I often drink fresh leaves but for convenience I also dry alot.

Lemon Balm: Calms anxiety & stress

Feverfew: Good for arthritis and migraines. Does need a bit of honey as quite bitter.

Parsley: Good for flushing out toxins, as a diuretic and for joint pain

Sage: For joint pain also good for feelings of stress or agitation

Marshmallow: Is supposed to be good for asthma, chesty coughs and bronchial conditions, I have made some but haven’t tried this yet.

Strawberry leaf: High in magnesium, thought to lower blood pressure slightly

Mint: Promotes sleep, is good with lemon balm for anxiety, nervousness. Put sprigs of each in a pan with water and simmer for 5 minutes.

Rosehips: High in Vit C and a nice fruity taste.

Rosehips for tea and skincare


A great site that has all the info on herbal teas is, they discuss the benefits and also possible dangers / contraindications for all.



6 thoughts on “Growing herbal teas

  1. I’ve been using lemon verbena lately (just fresh leaves). You are really beginning to convince me to look out for a (cheap) dehydrator – so so useful. Going to have to go check out tea benefits for ideas – cheers for the link!


  2. I never had a dehydrator and with no electric, also no freezer. So I just tied mine in bunches and hung them upside down from the ceiling in the upstairs hall (cool, dry and darkish) where we lived then. That worked, too. Sometimes I crumbled the results into containers; more often I just broke off what I wanted to use. Thanks for the link to the tea info site, too. ~ Linne


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