Another week in the life of…

I haven’t had much time to come online this past week or two, I have been busy but also not 100%. The new cold weather has caused my fibro to flare and I’m a bit yucky! However, I only have 7 working days left and I am soooo looking forward to that! I have lots of jobs lined up – I overheard my husband telling someone I am retiring, gosh, I do hope so 🙂 Lol, somehow I think the lack of money won’t mean a long retirement, and I also think I will be so busy here I’ll be wanting to return to work!!

So, I haven’t really been doing much at home other than cooking meals and occasional freezing or drying. I have, however, come up with a recipe for herbal tobacco which we have been using very successfully for two weeks – not smoke-free quite yet but certainly nicotine and chemical free. And while I know that is nothing to be particularly proud of after 40 years of smoking I think that is pretty darn good!!

I went to another town this week for work and brought home a large bag of quinces to make quince paste over the weekend, I am looking forward to trying that and quinces are very cheap at present (if you can find them).

We were given goat this week, two large roasts and my husband has been eating that. I have stuck to vegetables and minestrone every night, I cannot eat goat…or rabbit, or deer.

We went and got our first two loads of firewood and another coming this afternoon so hubby has been busy with that. Also while we were out looking for blackberry bushes the other day I came across an old, disused wooden beehive which was just laying dismantled amongst long grass, so I took it to do something with. I have no idea what but thought the parts looked interesting.

I also made a deodorant bar and a face mask, both of which I have tried before. The face mask – a small piece of banana mashed with a little cream, is about as good as you will get. It’s rich in feel and leaves skin feeling very soft.

The deodorant: 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, melted and added to 6 tablespoons of cornflour & 6 tablespoons of baking soda; few drops of teatree or lavender oil. Mix till all dissolved and pour into a plastic container used as a mold. To remove just dip container briefly in hot water. This made a 200g bar, I just keep wrapped in a cabinet.

And I made a Calendula and Lemon Balm Salve (put on it’s own post).

In the garden I have planted more winter vegetables, picking figs and drying them, plus all the vegetables for our meals as usual. The vines have all died on the pumpkins so they need harvesting and drying. The raspberries are just finishing their autumn fruiting, the sunflowers have faded and drooped badly and the garden needs a good tidy up this weekend. My workmates have mentioned they would like to come and see it….lol, I was horrified! While we grow alot of food we are not particularly tidy doing it so we need to sort that first!


2 thoughts on “Another week in the life of…

  1. Livingsimplyfree sent me over for a visit. You look tidy enough for company to me. The kind of work you are doing with growing and preserving is hard and no one should think otherwise. I’ve enjoyed reading your post and look forward to more visits. I think you must be located outside the US?


    • That was nice of her 🙂 Yes it is hard doing this, it will be alot easier when I am no longer working…next week. What I don’t show in the photos is all the half finished projects hubby has all over the place, piles of stones, sand, wheelbarrows, endless pots with trees and plants everywhere, planks of wood, old windows to make a glasshouse etc etc lol. We are in New Zealand 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


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