Eat Like a Bee: Dandelion Jelly

Looks like something I would like to try one day. Thanks 🙂

Rock Farmer

Bees Know a Good Thing – Dandelions are Sweet
This is the time of year when I harness my in-home child labor to make dandelion jelly. I pay my girls 1 cent for each fully opened yellow dandelion blossom they pick from our yard – They might be the one remaining thing worth a single penny today. If you’ve never made dandelion jelly, you’re in for a surprise. I like Langdon Cook’s recipe at Fat of the Land – It’s just the right size for us since I can’t can anything on our glass range (apparently the glass can’t take the heat of canning). I split a batch into two jars; one goes into our fridge, the other goes to a friend. If you have a stove that’s canning-friendly, by all means make a larger batch and save some for future toast – Directions and recipes abound online.

Boiling the…

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