A day of appreciation and gratitude for me.

ImageToday has been a plodding day, relaxing but productive too. This week I managed to pick up a secondhand dehydrator for $60 and that is busy drying figs and tomatoes. My husband is napping on the couch, the dehydrator is whirring, the wind is blowing on a sunny Good Friday afternoon. I have been searching the net for “stuff”, recipes to try etc. (Blobbing really) We did some planting this morning, brussell sprouts, broccoli and broad beans. We harvested tomatoes, banana melons (not quite ripe but the vine is dying) raspberries, zucchini, figs, peaches. We mulched the asparagus bed with sheep manure and autumn leaves.

We also, after a very long time, managed to shell some macadamia nuts some friends gave us last year.  And this morning a young bloke turned up on our doorstep with 1/2 dozen packages of frozen baby clams. Last week my husband had brought him home from somewhere and given him a load of vegetables, this week he returned with shellfish to say thank you!! My husband was told when he started at the farm he could have as much free firewood as he wanted so e has been cutting this up ready to bring home, his boss told him this week there is so much available if hubby wanted to do take as much as could to sell.

Sometimes you have to stop and realise just how fortunate you are, and today is such a day. We are so lucky to have the where-with-all to produce our own food and we are lucky to live in a great area with a good climate, a rural town whee everything we need to sustain ourselves is on our doorstep. We are lucky to have jobs (especially one that provides so much of the necessities of life). We can give to others, we can trade and are often given in return…..this weeks the clams, and some mussel/pastry rolls and chilli sauce made by a very good friend whose a chef (he has a garden too and we swap).

Most of all I am lucky to have a good man for a husband. This week he told me we are saving enough money for me to able to quit my job of four years which is pretty stressful. If we can do some firewood once a week all the better. So, in a months time I will be a lady of, not exactly leisure, but of sound mind and enough time to do everything!

There have been times in my life which were very hard, there have been times when I didn’t know which way to turn. These are good times and I am very grateful for it. We can be rich without wealth, in fact with not alot at all 🙂 We want for nothing. I’ll appreciate this as long as we have it!!


2 thoughts on “A day of appreciation and gratitude for me.

  1. How exciting for you to be in a position to leave your place of current employment and continue on this new adventuresome path. Must be pretty satisfying knowing that you and your other half have the confidence to have such independence. Kind of like going into business for yourself. Best wishes!


    • Thank you 🙂 It does feel very exciting, I have been working for years so this will be a nice break and chance to pursue my interests more fully. It feels very satisfying, more control over our own lives….HOPEFULLY it all goes fine! 🙂


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