Frugal food / eating from the garden

I am just showing for a week what our daily diet is from food out of the garden, our chooks and meat my husband gets from the farm he works on. It’s only this year that we decided to be as self reliant as we could in food and whatever we had to buy would be done so as frugally as possible. Born half out of necessity to trim our budget and half out of desire just to do things for ourselves, it’s actually working out ok. We are looking at our food more as the saying goes “Eating to live, not living to eat” 🙂

Foods from the garden etc shown in bold.

Breakfast this morning was porridge with strawberries.


Even though my husband thinks posting photos of his food is rather weird he took these for me 🙂 He took this while making his smoothie for breakfast and lunch for work. His smoothie had milk, eggs, figs & berries.


Lunch was sandwiches with cold pork, chutney, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.

ImageWe used to eat alot of trail mix and different nuts. Nuts are just falling now but we haven’t found any and our trees are too young yet. I occasionally have a bowl of raw peanuts and dried sultanas, sometimes dates on the bench to nibble on. At around $1.80 (budget brands) for each bag these are cheap nutrition and last us ages.

ImageDinner was stuffed marrow, which I have always felt did not appeal at all but when life gives you giant zucchini … have to give it a go, sooner or later. It was very nice.

I browned mince, threw in onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste, fresh oregano & parsley, brown rice, mushrooms, capsicums, salt, pepper and worcestor sauce, 3 cups of water and simmered around 1 hour (adding little more water if needed) Once most of the liquid was gone and rice was cooked I filled into a halved marrow with seeds scooped out and baked in foil for 3/4 hour. Served with broccoli and silverbeet (chard).Image


2 thoughts on “Frugal food / eating from the garden

  1. Call it Murphys law: That’s the second time this week I’ve read/heard about stuffed marrow…of course this is after I shredded and packaged mine up and froze. Have enough to make 4 chocolate zucchini cakes


    • Lol. We usually give ours to the neighbours, they feed a family of lots on it. My mum used to boil marrow and I loathed it, this was nice. I just threw in whatever sounded good really. Chocolate cake sounds much better!!


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