Eating from the garden – Jamie Oliver’s Minestrone

I am just showing for a week what our daily diet is from food out of the garden, our chooks and meat my husband gets from the farm he works on. It’s only this year that we decided to be as self reliant as possible in food and that whatever we had to buy would be done so as frugally as possible. Born half out of necessity to trim our budget and half out of desire just to do things for ourselves, it’s actually working out ok. We are looking at our food more as the saying goes “Eating to live, not living to eat” 🙂 The decision for my husband to work on a farm enabled us to do what we are doing….we can’t afford our own lifestyle block, much as we would like to!

The foods we can grow, have preserved or have access through work are shown in bold.

Breakfast was smoothies again, 1 1/2 large glasses each. These were made with milk, eggs, bananas, raspberries and figs.


Lunches taken to work were sandwiches (no photo, early morning rush!) My husband takes huge ones, mine alot smaller. Bread, cold meat, chutney, lettuce, cucumber, tomato; and fruit was peaches

Afternoon tea for me was crackers and cheese, chutney, tomatoes


Dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Italian Minestrone D’inizio Autumno (with some adaptions for what I had)

7 oz canneloni beans (I used dried chickpeas, cooked)

1 bay leaf

1 tomato, squashed

1 potato, cubed

4 rashers bacon, chopped

2 small red onions, finely chopped

2 carrots, finely sliced

2 sticks celery, sliced

1/2 head of fennel

small bunch basil, finely chopped

800 g tomatoes (or two tins)

a glass of red wine

2 courgettes, chopped

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

7 oz chard (silverbeet)

1 pint chicken stock (I used water)

I added 1 large leek, Parsley & tomato paste

2 oz dried pasta, broken into smaller pieces.

Salt and pepper

Didn’t use Jamie’s instructions really. Sauteed onion, bacon and garlic in olive oil. Added all vegetables, herbs, salt and pepper and water, cooked until all soft and broken down a bit. Added chickpeas, cooked around an hour then added pasta and cooked till pasta done, checked seasoning. Serve with a little parmesan cheese and basil on top. This was delicious and made enough to freeze for another night as well.

I buy dried chickpeas from a bulk food store, cook in a large pot and freeze so they are on hand. Much cheaper than buying tins.


Dessert was fig crumble (recipe in recipe category) with a little yogurt.



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