This week’s meals – Day 2, Sunday

As yesterday the foods that are homegrown or available to us through the farm hubby works on are shown in bold.

I had to go into town this morning so didn’t get breakfast until after 11 am. This was porridge today. I often have this, of course not homegrown but cheap, at around 10 cents a bowl it’s the cheapest cereal around and I love it with a little brown sugar. Eaten with raspberries & a fig.


The afternoon was spent in the garden and we just had a smoothie mid afternoon. This was made with milk, eggs, banana, black peach and blackberries. Not the flashest photo but was in a hurry 🙂


Dinner was roast pork; roasted potato, carrot and beetroot; sauteed broccoli, zucchini & asparagus; gravy and apple sauce. (Normally I would have homemade apple sauce in the freezer but we have run out and this season’s local apples aren’t in the shops yet – I bought a small jar and rationed it)


Drinks – water, coffee and lemon balm tea.



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