Cranberry Jelly !!

You may have heard a scream, around an hour and a half ago, and not known from where it came? That was me.

I am well known for my absent-mindedness so this will be no surprise to my husband when he gets home from work but he IS going to be mighty disappointed. I had an accident with the cranberry jelly that now means, after a month of collecting cranberries and freezing them for just a day like today  (I actually had time and enough berries to make a years supply of jelly) I ended up with 1/2 jar.

Yesterday I boiled up my berries. This afternoon I strained them. All good. Then I decided to add a small amount of redcurrants I had. Only 1 cup, seemed a good idea. So I simmered them in the strained juice and went to re-strain them. Tipped them into a large strainer with fine cloth lining it to catch everything, only to have it pour out over my bench and all over the kitchen floor. FORGOT TO PUT A BOWL UNDERNEATH, DIDN’T I !!!!

Managed to save about 1 1/2 cups which boiled down with sugar made sweet …. very little.

Anyway here is the recipe, and I do hope YOU enjoy it 🙂

8 cups of cranberries

3 cups of water

Boil these together until berries are soft and breaking down. Remove from heat and cool. Strain through a fine cloth (INTO A BOWL!) and using hands squeeze any remaining juice through gently.

Measure liquid and for every 2 cups add 1 cup of sugar. Bring back to the boil, stirring then boil quickly for 5 minutes or so, till it reaches jell testing stage. Bottle into sterilised jars and cover.


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