Feverfew – for migraines

I used to suffer from terrible migraines, often twice a week and severe. They seriously impacted on my life. Doctors tried me on all sorts of medications with little success. I discovered Feverfew in a natural health shop, took one a day for several months and from the first day I had no more. I have suggested this to quite a few people – some it helps, others not. The ones it has worked for, like me, swear by it.

When I decided to grow my own medicine cabinet Feverfew was the first on the list. I bought one little plant and have had it popping up in spots in the garden ever since. It grows in pretty little bushes and I always leave one to seed.Image

To use feverfew I either pick a few leaves and have in a sandwich with something nice, or I use as a tea. (With all my herbs for teas I actually pick a good sized bunch, blend with water and freeze in ice cube trays, store in small bags). This is a little bitter but not unpleasant and it will usually stop a headache when I feel it coming on.

As with all herbs one should check on the net to find if there are any contraindications or side effects one should know about.


7 thoughts on “Feverfew – for migraines

  1. I suffer from migraines, too. I’ve had them off and on since I was 8 or 9 years old. I remember my mom growing Feverfew, as I recognize this plant and recall her talking about it, but don’t know what she used it for. Since she also had migraines, maybe that’s what it was for. I’ll have to try it sometime. Anything natural that could help would be great! I’m breastfeeding, though, so I’ll have to research the safety with that first. Thanks for sharing!


  2. plainplantain says:

    I have started making my own tincture and it is working well for me I too am a migraine sufferer as is my mom and daughter.it doesnt always work right away but it does over time between that and using arnica rub on my neck I believe I have avoided so many full blown migraines that would last for days.great post


  3. I have taken feverfew in pill form, but had gotten out of the habit of taking it and my migraines have been getting worse. Thank you for the reminder to get using it again, hope it helps.


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