And on the 30th day – she slept!

It’s been 4 weeks and 3 days since we decided to try and just eat off what is freely available from our garden, the chooks and the farm hubby works. We have also been lucky enough to have a couple of packages of freshly caught fish given us.

This month has been about gardening and cooking,…cooking, cooking and more cooking. I have preserved heaps. The freezers are nearly full and the shelves are looking cosy, and we are still going. We both work and I have fibromyalgia so energy isn’t in great supply! There is no doubt this has been hard work and yesterday I blew a foo foo valve, I was knackered. I was VERY grumpy – it was Sunday and Sundays have been flat out, we haven’t been anywhere, done anything else for weeks and I had enough. I went back to bed and stayed there, all day, all night.

This morning we are both up for work and I feel normal again but it’s made me realise my limitations and we discussed this morning that maybe we will have to take Sundays as a day of rest which sounds a good plan of INaction!

We will be getting on to firewood this next month and the garden is still going strong. We give away alot as well, thank god because if hubby brought any more zucchinis or tomatoes into the house for me “to do something with” I think I will scream 🙂

We have done well though. Every evening meal has been mostly free food for a month, most lunches have just been the bread to pay for if sandwiches and breakfast has either been smoothies with berries etc from the garden or porridge which is cheap.

We have cut down our ciggies and beer to at least half of what is was and will continue to decrease.

Our shopping list last week was 2 loaves wholegrain bread, milk, butter, coffee, sugar and vinegar for preserving, small block of cheese and a can of chickpeas, toilet paper and dishwash liquid…..pretty pleased with that for a week for two adults!


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