A freshly picked dinner



I already had the potatoes cooking when I picked these. We were both tired after work and instead of going down to the big garden I just popped out to the raised garden my husband built on our front lawn, and took what I could use. Image


Sometimes all we add to this is some eggs and cheese to make a frittata and salad, maybe some avocado. Tonight we had freshly caught blue cod. This meal was free, like most of ours. It’s not a great photo, sorry!Image

Last year my husband bought a boat with some friends. We don’t have money but we did have 3 guys who were willing to work hard for something they wanted. They sourced some pine trees on a farm in the area that needed cutting down and rid off. The boys sold it as firewood (and got all ours for a winter) My husband doesn’t like fishing, never uses the boat, but always gets some dropped in when the other two go out. 


2 thoughts on “A freshly picked dinner

    • Thank you 🙂 My husband just built this 2 years ago….lawn seems such a waste of space to him, and it is very handy right outside the kitchen door!
      We are very fortunate, may not have a lifestyle block that we would like but manage very well 🙂


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