Autumn in the garden

We are just going into autumn and there’s lots to do in the garden. At present I am busy freezing carrots, beans, leeks, zucchini and blackberries. I am about to start bottling beetroot and have made another batch of chutney. We are waiting on our first ever cranberries to finish ripening, pulling up potatoes to store and picking endless amounts of peppers, lettuce, broccolli, tomat cucumbers etc. We have onions and garlic drying in racks and there are heaps of herbs to pick and dry, freeze and do “stuff” with.

The pumpkins are rambling everywhere, across free garden space, over the chicken run and up trees. The fig and feijoas are going strong and we are waiting with anticipation for them because they are delish!

This week we have made every evening meal a free one. Two lamb roasts with the works, vegetable frittatas with salads, casserole with veges and cold meat and salad. Lunches have either been leftovers or salad sandwiches.

All in all we are going well, even if feeling a bit ragged from all the chores. I have found this year more than ever before, it’s very easy to plant seeds with carefree abandon, rather alot harder dealing with all the harvesting, cooking and storing. This is our second harvest from our garden this year, we got in early crops so it’s been full on for a couple of months. Roll on winter when we can just eat and spend rainy days in front of the fire!

I may be feeling a little bit niggly about it all today lol. I am busy in the kitchen again and hubby is playing golf and away all weekend!

Our first sunflower is flowering 🙂



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