Soapwort for hair – not tea!!

This is the first summer we have grown more than just a few straggly herb plants in odd pots around the place. Hubby built a raised garden in the front lawn and we grow herbs in that, and strips along the front and back. i wanted to grow enough to dry /store to last a few months or so…we grew enough to last a year I think. I also researched a little and grew some for herb teas…and I planted plantain and soapwort. Plantain is good for sores, cuts, sprains etc and also as a tea, it’s supposed to be good for anxiety, nerves etc. Soapwort I wanted to try as a shampoo for my rather unruly curly /fluffy locks.

So I planted all these seeds (around 12 varieties common in a kitchen garden) and an odd one came up I believed to be plantain, the other didn’t at all. Instead of checking which this was I assumed – and let it grow, slowly nipping off odd sprigs of it to drink at odd times. It was some time later I had a funny feeling I should check on the net exactly what this was…to find I had been drinking soapwort, which thank god is not poisonous but a strong brew will induce vomiting!!

Anyway! As a shampoo this is fantastic, I love it. I will never buy commercial shampoo again. It doesn’t strip oils, leaves it silky and shiny. I strip the leaves off , put in a large pan and cover with water, boil until its foamy, cool, strain, bottle and freeze what I won’t use straight away. I just take small bottles out of the freezer as needed. The fresh stuff is green, the frozen turns brownish but it still works as well.



9 thoughts on “Soapwort for hair – not tea!!

  1. The soapwort leaves look to me like basil. I think it would be wise to make sure I knew exactly what plants I was harvesting before actually consuming them. Soapwort pesto might not be the best thing for me to eat LOL.


  2. PS – After thinking about it, I came to the realization that soapwort gets its name because it’s soapy! Which would be why it makes a good shampoo. Thus the foam while boiling it. How cool is that!


    • 🙂 Pretty unusual ay?! If you shaky it in a bottle it gets very frothy. It has a slippery feel to it (the liquid) and this makes the hair quite sleek when wet, it dries lovely. Some people grow it for washing woolens, I haven’t tried that myself.


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