Just what can we achieve on a 1/4 acre property?

My husband and I live in the South Island of NZ. The kids are independent, hubby works full time on a beef and sheep farm, I work part time doing community support in mental health.

For 7 years we have been living in a home on a 1/4 acre section. When we moved here it just had odd flower beds but the back yard was spindly tree lined lawn. The first year we put in a small vege garden and were given fig, almond and peach trees for Christmas. As time has gone on we have added to this…to the extent of now having very little lawn but a huge vegetable garden, many berry bushes and fruit trees. 

We are just finishing our summer, this year we counted 50 odd different vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs etc. We eat well. We raise a pig on the farm hubby is employed on and get free lamb. We keep chooks. This is our first year of growing as much as possible to store (freeze, bottle, dry etc) to save money over winter when vegetables are expensive and our cold winter means the garden doesn’t do great things. We do this because times are hard, we struggle like most people, have quite a low income and hubby likes to garden, I like to cook and preserve.

So, last night we were discussing what we would really like to do, what the ideal would be for both of us and we both agreed…if we do things right we would like be able to live off our section, along with the meat we get. We could survive on close to a Paleo diet (which I have read about and people seem to be healthy on it). 

We believe we can save $300 per week in doing this, and no longer purchasing beer and wine…and if we stop smoking (and yes, I almost didn’t admit to that evil habit!) 

We need to phase things out over the next 35 – 40 weeks through winter till the garden is well established for summer. This, my new blog, will journal how we go….for our own interest and maybe that of one or two others 🙂

We eat pretty healthy now and purchase few convenience foods but as we run out of present diet staples we won’t be replacing them – this week we won’t be replacing cheese and crackers.

This photo is a portion of our back yard. Around the porches are 5 grape vines that should be in full swing next summer….we will be attempting home made wine.Image



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